DIY Ombre Wine Glasses

Ombre Wine glasses

I’m in love with these Ombre wine glasses I crafted up this week! They’re simple, inexpensive and can be used for so many purposes. They cost less than $12 total – that’s $3 each including paint! I’m thinking of using them as party favors for my next get together (for the adults only of course..) They’d also be perfect as a bridal shower gift, (pair with our custom wine bottles and you’ll have the best gift!) or keep them for yourself! However you choose to use them, these inexpensive and easy DIY wine glasses are sure to be a hit.

Things need to paint

You’ll need:

  • Foam paint brush
  • Painter’s tape (not pictured)
  • Paint
    • I got Martha Stewart Craft from Michaels. (The extra $1 for this brand is worth it) I tried a few other paints and they went on very clumpy. This one went on smooth and stayed on! If you can’t find this brand, just make sure the paint works on glass.
    • You’ll also want to pick two shades (one lighter and one darker) of your chosen color and a white paint for mixing. Having these two paint colors will allow you to make the multiple range of shades.
  • Wine glasses
    • Buy however many you wish to paint. (I chose four.) Also take a look at your local dollar store. (That dollar price is so awesome and the ones I found are such a cute shape!)

Wine Glasses with tape

Turn your wine glasses upside down. Then use painter’s tape to section off where you want the paint to end on the stems. Tip: Use a ruler and mark with a whiteboard marker where each tape mark should end so that your paint lines are even.

Personalized Wine Label

Wine Glasss with paint

Time to paint! Mix up four different shades of paint. (This could take some time so don’t worry! You want to make sure there is enough contrast between the different colors.)

For the lightest shade, start with white and add a few drops of your chosen color.

For the darkest shade, start with with the darkest color, add a few drops of the middle color, and a drop or two of white.

For the actual painting – definitely use a foam brush! I started with a bristle brush – and it was far too hard to get the paint lines out. With the foam brush, it was much easier to smooth the lines.

final Wine Glasses ombre

Now you have a gorgeous set of glasses! (Yes it was that easy!) Time to invite your friends over and show off your hard work. Hah!

Want more DIY wine crafts? Check out my Upcycled Wine Bottles or cool down this summer with Sparkling Wine Ice Pops!

Personalized Wine Label

DIY Wine Glasses ombre

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