DIY Ombre Wine Cork Letters

Cork Wine Letters

Last week I created ombre wine glasses and this week I’m continuing the theme! I am so excited to show you these ombre cork letters. They require a few materials (mostly wine corks… which let’s be honest I know you have enough laying around…) These letters can be used as book ends, initials hung on a bedroom wall, or as a memory board (tacks easily pin to the corks to hang photos, post it notes, and other mementos!) Scroll down for a few simple steps to create these gorgeous cork letters.

Things To Make Wine Cork Letters

Things you’ll need:

  • Letters of your choice (see next image) I chose a W and G (for WineGreeting!)
  • Glue sticks and a glue gun
  • Corks
    • (If you haven’t consumed enough wine for these letters and are in need of more corks, you can find plenty on
  • Foam brush
    • It’s much easier to get the paint to go lightly onto the corks with a foam brush. Skip the bristle brush for this project!
  •  Paint
    • You’re going to need three different colors. One darker shade and one lighter shade of the color of your choice, and a white.
    • (I chose Martha Stewart craft brand. I’ve been using this brand because I find it goes onto many surfaces really well!)

Wooden Letters

You’ll want the letters you purchase to be a thick font. The wine corks are harder to work with if you pick a fancy curvy letter so keep that in mind!

Wine cork on Letters

I lined up the corks first before I glued them down. I’m glad I did this, because I rearranged them a few times to get the correct number of corks in each row.

Wine Corks Fall Off

They will fall off! Take a deep breathe, a sip of wine, and know that even if they do – your letters will turn out fine. I finally set the corks that continued to fall off to the side of the letter in the place I’d want them. (see next image)

Personalized Wine Label

Wine Corks Lined Up

By arranging them to the side of the letter, I still knew how many to glue down and where.

Wine Cork letters before paint

Next step is to finish aligning all corks onto your letters and using hot glue to afix them. Then it’s time to paint!

testing Wine cork colors

I glued a practice block together. It really helped me develop my paint colors. I realized my darkest shade of green was actually too light. So before I touched my actual letters, it was beneficial to have this little sample to play with!

G with Wine corks

Start with your lightest shade and lightly paint the bottom of your letter. TIP! You’ll want to have barely any paint on your foam brush; the less the better. You don’t want to drench the tops of the cork, instead think of a thin wash of paint.

Ombre starting

Add the second and third shade – blending between the developing shades.

Ombre paint finished


My what beautiful letters you’ve created! I’m going to display mine in our offices at WineGreeting. But they can be used for book ends, hung on a bedroom wall, or used as a memory board. (Tacks go in easily and can be used to hang photos/post it notes!) Your next homework assignment is to drink more wine to gather corks – because I have another cork craft coming soon!

Bake some Merlot donuts to help you get more corks! Or paint yourself some beautiful ombre wine glasses.

Personalized Wine Label

DIY Cork Letters

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