Wedding Ring Mimosas

Personalized OJ Ring mimosas

I went to brunch with my girlfriends last week and as I was sipping my mimosa I thought “there has to be a better way!” to make this traditional cocktail so much fun. My version of the mimosa is perfect for a bridal shower or engagement party.

Ingredients for mimosas

Things you’ll need

orange juice ice cubes

Pour the orange juice into the molds. It’s made of rubber so pour the orange juice near your freezer so you have a short trip with less drips. (I definitely needed a sponge because of a few shakey pours!)

frozen orange juice cubes

Freeze the molds for 4 hours. Make sure they are completely solid as they will break apart if they’re not completely frozen.

Personalized Wine Label

Personalized Wine in glasses

Add the sparkling wine or champagne to the wine glasses.

Orange juice ring cubes

Ever so carefully pop the ring cubes out of the molds. Go slowly and if one breaks, then add more orange juice around the break and re-freeze.

If you want to make more in preparation for a party – put the ring cubes into a ziploc container and put back in the freezer. They store great and you can make them ahead of time.

Final Mimosas

When you’re ready to serve – pop the ring cubes into the glasses. If your Sparkling Wine is chilled, the ring cubes will melt slower. Looking for less champagne and more orange juice? Add more ring cubes to up the ratio!

Custom Wine bottle and mimosas

As the ice cubes melt – a mimosa is born! These easy and gorgeous drinks are perfect for a bridal shower, engagement party, or for morning of a wedding with the bride and her girls! I also saw countless ice molds online and I know this recipe will be great for many other occasions.

Do you love the wine glasses featured in this blog? You can create them yourself! Check out my DIY Ombre wine glass tutorial. 

Personalized Wine Label

Bridal Shower Mimosas

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