Chill Wine with Flower Wine Cubes

Personalized Flower ice cubes

My next idea for “Operation Cool Down Wine” use edible flowers. Yes! I bet you didn’t know these existed. I was hesitant to take a bite – but I have to say! Delicious? Indeed. They also make for a stunning twist on the typical wine ice cube.

edible flowers

Things you’ll need –

  • Edible flowers – They’re a bit tricky to find (I was lucky enough to find them at my local Whole Foods, but I’ve also seen them online at
  • Rosé or whichever type of wine you prefer
  • Wine glasses

edible flower ice cubes

You’ll want to fill your ice trays only halfway with wine (or water as I’ve used); this will allow you to create the proper layering with the flowers. (When I filled them all the way up with liquid, the flowers floated and remained only at the top part of the ice cube.) Freeze for at least two hours.

Personalized Wine Label

frozen edible flower ice cubes

When you remove the half cubes from the freezer you’ll want them to be extremely frozen and solid. Then add more wine (or water) on top and make sure it’s cold! If the liquid is too warm, you’ll melt your hard work. Then add more flowers on top of the half frozen cube. Freeze for another two hours.

wine with flower ice cubes

Remove from freezer, pour a glass of wine (I chose delicious Rosé!), plop your cubes in, and invite your girlfriends over to delight in the fact that you’re eating beautiful flowers.

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Custom mimosas

Do you love the wine glasses featured in this blog? You can create them yourself with my DIY Ombre Wine Glass blog.

Personalized Wine Label

Chill Wine Flowers

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