DIY Glitter Wine Glasses

Personalized Glitter Wine Glasses

Looking for the perfect compliment to your dinner party? Or perhaps a finishing touch for your best friend’s birthday wine bottle? Check out this dazzlingly easy craft! These DIY personalized wine glasses are stunning, very simple, and inexpensive to create. (Plus they look great with a custom wine bottle!)

Custom Wine Glasses things need

Things you’ll need –

  • Wine glasses (I found mine at the dollar store. A whopping dollar each!)
  • Mod Podge (They have a dishwasher safe variety. But I wouldn’t recommend actually putting these beauties in the dishwasher… Handwashing with very light water is best)
  • Glitter in whichever color(s) you like
  • Foam brushes (best for smooth mod podge lines)
  • Painter’s tape

Wine Glasses with tape

Put tape around the stem to ensure a clean line where the mod podge and glitter will end.

Mod Podge Wine Glass

Paint some mod podge over the stem. (That big blob I have on the bottom; I definitely wiped it off! You don’t want any on the bottom of the glass.)

Personalized Wine Label

Wine Glass glittered close up

Shake glitter onto the wine glasses. I recommend doing it over a trash can because it gets everywhere!

Wine Glass glittered close up

Voila! You now have gorgeous glittered wine glasses to use whenever you’re feeling fancy.

Personalized Etched Wine and glasses

For more DIY Wine Glasses tutorials, check out my Ombre Wine Glasses and Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Or create a personalized wine label and receive $5 off below!

Personalized Wine Label

DIY Wine Glasses glitter

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