Personalized Photo Wine Glasses

Personalized Wine Label glasses

Whether you’re attending a wedding soon, your best friend’s birthday is approaching, or your grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary; these photos glasses are the perfect DIY addition to any custom wine gift. These are actually my wedding photos. I couldn’t resist keeping this gift for me and my husband! Once you’ve designed a gorgeous personalized wine bottle, read below to create these custom photo wine glasses.

Things Need for Custom Wine Glasses

Things you’ll need:

Steps to Custom Wine Glasses

Place the bottom of the champagne glass onto the photo. Trace the circle onto the photo with a pen.

Personalized Wine Label and Photo

Once you have the circle traced, cut the photo around the line.

Steps to Custom Wine Glasses

Grab the mod podge and paint the bottom of the champagne glass. Then add the photo and slowly press the photo onto the bottom.

Custom Glasses drying

Let the glasses dry for a couple hours.

Personalized Wine Label

Photo Wine Glasses

Personalized Wine Glasses

Now you have gorgeous custom wine glasses to go with your personalized wine bottle. You can give this wine gift to anyone close to you or if you’re like me, keep them for yourself!

Custom Champagne

I got a gorgeous (and inexpensive box) at Marshall’s and added some crinkle paper. Placed the personalized champagne and glasses inside and I’m so excited to give this to my husband!

Want more DIY wine glass tutorials? See my Glitter Wine Glasses and Ombre Wine Glasses.

Personalized Wine Label

DIY Wine Glasses

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