Black and White Pumpkin Namecards

Pumpkin namecard

Personalized namecard

Welcome to another great DIY Thanksgiving namecard tutorial. All month long I’m showing simple and elegant ways to spice up your Thanksgiving decorations! This guide shows an easy way to create gorgeous personalized pumpkin namecards. So read below to make each guest feel extra special this holiday season.

Namecard supplies

Things you’ll need –

  • Mini pumpkins (you’ll need one for each guest)
  • Gold paint
  • Black and white paint (not pictured)
  • Paint brush
  • Sharpie

Paint line on pumpkin

Draw an outline around the center of the pumpkin. This will help you create a smooth line between the two colors.

Half Painted Namecard

Paint the tops and bottoms in alternating colors (see next photo for ideas). I wanted each pumpkin to be unique so by alternating the colors from top to bottom it was easy to do so!

Namecard supplies

Next up is creating the leaf namecards! You’ll need scissors, a sharpie, and a leaf stencil (I happened to have this decorative leaf that I’ve placed on my table as decoration but it also worked perfectly as a stencil!)

Personalized Wine Label

Leaf stencil

Trace the leaves onto butcher paper. Then cut out each namecard.

Mini pumpkin namecard

Write each guest’s name onto the leaves. Place onto each table setting with the painted pumpkin. Now you have a gorgeous plate setting that is guaranteed to get many compliments from your guests!

Personalized Thanksgiving table setting

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Personalized Wine Label

DIY Pumpkin Craft

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