Valentine’s Day Craft – Yarn Hearts

Valentine's Day Craft

I’m in love with these simple yarn hearts! They’re so easy to make. They’re perfect for decorating your house for Valentine’s Day, a fun craft for the kids to do or¬†gifts for loved ones. Pair your Valentine gift with a personalized Valentine wine bottle for extra brownie points this year.

Valentine's Day craft supplies

Things you’ll need –

  • Cardboard pieces
  • Yarn
  • Scissors (not pictured)
  • Sharpie (not pictured)

Cardboard hearts

Draw a heart design onto one piece of cardboard. Cut it out. Then use that same heart to draw and cut out as many hearts as you want.

Valentine's Day hearts

Personalized Wine Label

Valentine's Day Gift - half

Take the yarn and begin wrapping the cardboard heart. My best advice is to randomly wrap until half of the heart is covered. Then start to slowly wrap to fill in the blank space with more precision.

Valentine's Day gift

Do not worry about keeping your yarn in perfect patterns. As you can see above, even the random wrapping looks adorable!

Personalized Valentine Wine Label

What a gorgeous gift you’ve created! Pair it with a personalized wine label for a gift your loved one will remember for years to come. Save $5 on your custom wine bottle by signing up below!

Personalized Wine Label

DIY Valentine Craft

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