Fun Wine Facts Part 2

5 Fun Wine Facts

We drink it. We make memories with it. We surround ourselves at the dinnner table and share stories over it. Wine is a large part of our lives. We’re here to allow you the opportunity to customize something that has brought so much joy to your life. We’re also here to keep you up to date on the many interesting facts about wine. So below are some intriguing tidbits about your favorite drink!

Anniversary Wine Label

Restaurants sell a lot of wine. So which wine accounts for 55% of all restaurant wine sales? Red wine! We love red wine too at WineGreeting. Our merlot has a smooth and very well balanced taste. With hints of blackberry, we know that you will love it. Personalize your own bottle of merlot today!

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Time for some volume facts. One bottle of wine has 750 mL liquid. That’s 2.4 pounds of grapes and 4 glasses of wine! So each time you drink a glass (or bottle…) you’re really getting your daily servings of fruit in!

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Top 3 States in Wine Consumption


Which states are the thirstiest wine drinkers? California, New York, and Florida.

Personalized Wedding Wine Bottle

China has an interesting reason for leading the market in red wine sales. The government favors the color red for being lucky!

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There are people who have a fear of wine and it’s called Oenophobia. We hope our funny wine labels will help calm any fears wine brings!

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Personalized Wine Label

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