Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Dipped Chocolate Oreos

Looking for a fun snack to entice that sweet tooth? Look no further! I’ve come up with a delicious and colorful way to make Oreos even tastier. (Yeah that’s possible!) Don’t be afraid of melting chocolate. I definitely was before this recipe, but I’ve made it easy and quick!

Chocolate Oreos Ingredients

Things you’ll need –

  • Oreos (I chose the thin mint ones!)
  • White chocolate chips
  • Food coloring of your choice

White Chocolate

First heat a pot of water to just before a boil. Then add the chocolate chips into a heat safe bowl. Place the bowl in the pot so it rests just above the hot water.

White chocolate

The chocolate will start to melt, stir it often to help melt it evenly.

Oreo Smaller 6.jpg

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Oreo Smaller 1.jpg

Add the food coloring and mix until it’s fully incorporated. Try not to take a taste! (I couldn’t resist. It’s delicious.)

Chocolate Oreos

Then dip the oreos halfway into the chocolate and pull them out. You’ll have an extra string of chocolate, I twirled the cookie so that extra string ended on the backside. Now munch away cookie lovers!

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Dipped Oreo Recipe

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