DIY Wedding Cocktail Signs

DIY Cocktail Sign

Wedding Cocktail

The details of planning a wedding can quickly add up! I planned mine two years ago and there were so many unexpected things to do. From which type of dessert to serve, which plates to place the desserts on, the logistics of letting guests know where to go and when, and all the handmade signs I created! There were so many signs! From tags for the coffee bar, wooden signs directing guests where to go, and where to place their used sparkler sticks. I love DIY projects and creating the signs was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning. I made some signs for a friend’s wedding recently and wanted to share them with you!

Personalized Wine Bottles

Things you’ll need –

  • Chalkboard signs (There’s many different types at Michaels!)
  • Chalkboard markers (Get the markers. It’s worth it! Chalk is much harder to get precise lines.)
  • Paper/pencil (not pictured)
  • Personalized wine bottles (These will look gorgeous beside your cocktail signs on the bar. Added bonus, one can serve as a guest book! Check out my DIY Guest Book here.)

Personalized Cocktail Sign

Grab your pencil and paper and start stenciling out the sign. I love making a first draft so that the layout makes sense and you’re not drafting your ideas onto the sign itself. The chalkboard markers do wash off quite easily, but it’s a hassle and much easier done on pencil and paper.

Wedding Sign Craft

Personalized Wedding Craft

I made multiple signs. For this wedding there was a cocktail hour on one side of the venue, and a bar on the other. So we needed more than one sign!

Personalized Wedding Wine

Personalized Wedding Wine

The cocktail hour sign was placed on the bar. It added such a unique and personalized touch.

Perhaps you saw my blog on the Personalized Wine Guest Book. If not check it out here! It’s perfect to go on the cocktail bar as guests will grab a drink and write a note of congratulations on the custom wine bottle you chose! Doesn’t it look stunning on this bar? Create an etched wine bottle or perhaps a personalized wine label for your guests to sign!

Wedding Cocktails

Then it was time to sip on the custom bride and groom cocktails! A delicious Michelada and a Mango Margarita.

Personalized Wine Bottles

The custom bar signs turned out so cute (if I do say so myself!) It’s so fun to add such a personalized touch to this special day.

Want to save $5 on the personalized wine featured in this blog? Click below!

Personalized Wine Label

Wedding Cocktail Signs

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