Personalized Wine Labels for a Wedding

Wedding Wine Labels

Wedding season is upon us! Summer has such beautiful weather, gorgeous long days, and a palpable sense of happiness that floats through the air. So it’s easy to see why summertime is the most popular season to get married. Engagements, proposals, and weddings are such a large part of our business. We are so touched every time we take part in such special events in our WineGreeter’s lives!

Wedding Wine Label

For every bridal shower I attend, I come with personalized wine in tow! I’m definitely the most popular one, apart from the bride of course! Our high-quality custom wine labels make such a statement and are cherished by the newlyweds for years to come. (…If they’ve got the will power not to chug the entire wine bottle right away!)

Wedding Wine Bottles

A wedding is filled with unique and personalized touches. Before I got married I never realized how many small details there were! From signs directing guests where to go, bowls and platters to arrange the dessert table, or personalized wine bottles to decorate the tables, bar, and cocktail hour… The details were my favorite part of wedding planning. I had custom wine scattered throughout my wedding and my guests loved it! On each table were beautiful custom wine bottles which not only allowed guests to see younger photos of us, but also allowed easy access to our delicious wine!

Custom Wine Bottles

During cocktail hour, we had personalized wine bottles¬†with photos from when my husband and I were younger and it made our wedding that much more special and memorable. (Plus guests loved commenting on our strange choice of haircuts back then…)

Personalized Wine Labels

So if you’re assisting a bride in her special day and want to give her something completely unique and gorgeous, personalize a wine label today. Or perhaps you’re the bride and want to add an extra special touch to your wedding day… Create a custom wine bottle for any wedding event in your life!

The best part? You can save $5 by clicking below!

Personalized Wine Label

Wedding Wine Bottles

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