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Custom Wine

Looking for a unique and memorable way to say Happy Birthday? Whether you’re planning a surprise birthday party or searching for the perfect gift to bring for a loved one; a personalized wine bottle is the best way to show your love. They’ll love the gorgeous custom wine label on the outside and the delicious wine inside! I recently helped my friend plan a birthday party for her sister and I wanted to share with you the beautiful ways we made it memorable.

Custom Wine Label

We wanted more than boring bottles of wine! So we knew we had to create some custom wine labels. Who wouldn’t get a kick out of drinking from a wine bottle with their own face on it? We wanted them to match our theme of blue and white; because offers hundreds of wine label choices, we had no problems finding them!

Birthday Wine Label

We chose a light and darker blue wine label to match the confetti, decor, and other presents we were giving Rachel. We didn’t even bother wrapping them as they looked so beautiful standing on their own by the other gifts.

Birthday Wine Bottles

My friend wanted to reminisce on when the two of them were younger. This custom wine label was a great way to show just how much they’d grown up together! She added a photo from when the two of them were young and she was thrilled at the memorable gift she was giving to her sister.

Birthday Wine Bottle

My final touch in helping plan the party was to hang string in between two trees outside. I added photos hung by clothespins of the birthday girl and her friends. It created another special touch I knew she’d love!

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Personalized Wine Label

Birthday Wine Gifts




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    • Michele,

      We are so glad you loved the birthday wine labels. We found your order and the custom wine labels turned out darling! We look forward to creating beautiful wine bottles for future birthdays!

      -The WineGreeting Team

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