Custom Wine Prizes – Halloween Costume Contest

Personalized Wine Label

With Halloween right around the corner, you’re bound to be throwing or attending a Halloween party (or two!) Why not think about fun and delicious prizes for your costume winners? Whether you have many categories, or are keeping it streamlined; giving a personalized wine bottle as a prize is always a coveted prize. It certainly is adult trick-or-treating at its finest! If people are debating which party to attend, you’re guaranteed to pull them to yours with the chance to take home a beautiful custom wine bottle.

Custom Halloween Wine

Want to guarantee your guests dress up in their finest spooky get-ups? Let them know ahead of time that the prizes will be custom wine bottles! They’ll want to try that much harder to take home a prize they can display and then drink!

You can even create category ideas for different costumes. The personalized wine labels can range from the the standard (and necessary) – “Scariest,” “Most Creative,” “Best Couple Costume” or “Best Group costume”. Are many of your friends pet lovers? Why not reward the friend who comes with the “Best Dressed Pet”.

Personalized Wine Gifts

How many winners in each category is up to you. The more the merrier, and the more wine everyone can drink! You can offer each one a custom wine bottle, or just the grand prize winner in each category. The possibilities for giving personalized wine bottles are endless.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels

Want to really be an over the top hostess? Use the costume winner’s photos and send them a bottle of wine with their picture on it as a unique and unforgettable prize!

The best part is you can save $5 on your first order below. Get a coupon code and start creating your spooky Halloween wine bottle today.

Personalized Wine Label


Personalized Wine Bottles



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