Custom Thanksgiving Wine – I am Thankful For

Personalized Wine Bottle

Thanksgiving is a day for friends and family to come together and celebrate the good in our lives. Whatever you are grateful for this year we have a unique and fun way to share these times with family and friends. Whether you’re thankful for that little bundle of joy in your arms, a great new job, or your first home; or perhaps you’re thankful for getting back into your skinny jeans, finding your new favorite hairdresser or that your daughter’s soccer team won her league (because you were coach, of course).

Personalized Wine Bottle

Wine and the holidays seem to be synonymous. So upgrade your Thanksgiving wine selection this year with gorgeous custom wine bottles. Whether you choose to personalize a wine label with a favorite holiday quote or a photograph from last year’s delicious feast; or perhaps you want to create a beautiful etched wine bottle that will dazzle your guests and give your Thanksgiving that extra something special. Once you’ve done the wine right, it’s time to move on to a game that will showcase the blessings in everyone’s lives.

Have paper and pen on the table for guests to write down what they are thankful for this year. It can be very serious or lighthearted. Just like life; it’s all in the mix. Tell your guests not to sign their notes, but that they can write them down and share as many as they would like. The more notes, the more fun!

Thanksgiving Party

After dinner, pour a glass from a beautiful etched wine bottle and gather round to read the notes. You can pass them around and have each person read a grateful note at random. It might even end up being their own note! Once it’s read aloud, have everyone guess whose blessing it is. My family has done this and it can get very funny. You may think it was your 16 year old cousin, Gabe, that was grateful that he got his driver’s license. Fun fact, it was his mom, Evelyn! That is definitely something to be grateful for.

Etched Thanksgiving Wine

Breaking bread, drinking wine, and giving thanks is a fundamental part of Thanksgiving. Making it fun and enjoying laughs with friends and family is such a bonus! So grab the paper, personalize a beautiful wine bottle and enjoy the holidays.

Personalized Wine Label

Custom Etched Wine




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