Mimosas, Pancakes, and Custom Valentine Wine

Personalized Wine Label

There are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But if you’re not looking to fight the masses for a table at your favorite restaurant and instead want to spend it at home… Then I’ve got a sweet and romantic idea for you! Let your sweetheart stay snuggled in bed and create a delicious tray with strawberry mimosas and heart shaped pancakes. But don’t forget the most important part! A beautiful personalized bottle of champagne!

Personalized Wine Bottle

So you may be looking at these photos and saying – “The pancakes are beautiful but I don’t have the skills for that!” Don’t be afraid! Creating a heart shaped pancake isn’t that difficult. Use your favorite pancake mix, free hand or use a cookie cutter to make a heartfelt breakfast confection. (Heart shaped and heart felt. Get it?) I added powdered sugar because it tastes so yummy and adds a beautiful touch to the plate.

Now onto the delicious strawberry mimosas. My secret? I found watermelon juice at Trader Joe’s and coupled with champagne it made the BEST mimosas! I also cut the strawberry slices into heart shapes just to add to the theme of Valentine’s Day magic.

Personalized Valentine Wine

Creating a personalized wine bottle is a perfect way to give a gift on Valentine’s Day. This day is meant to show your love and adoration for one another. Sure, I suppose you could run into Trader Joe’s and grab a boring wine bottle, but it’s not the same! So instead take a few minutes to add your favorite quote or words of love onto your gorgeous and custom champagne bottle to make the morning far more memorable.

Valentine's Day Wine Gift

So don’t hesitate! Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it and this year create a morning your sweetheart won’t forget. Personalize your own wine label and we’ll get it to you just in time. Save $5 by subscribing to our newsletter below!

Personalized Wine Label


Valentine Wine



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