Say Yes to the Dress with Personalized Wine

Say Yes to Dress Wine

The proposal. The dress. The planning. The wedding. The dress. The vows. The guests. And the dress! Whether the couple is eloping, planning a destination wedding, or having a traditional marriage ceremony; the wedding dress sets the tone for the entire day!  Selecting the dress is such a memorable moment in a bride’s life. So if you’re lucky enough to be by her side when she says yes to the dress, you can add a touch more magic to her day.

Custom Wine Bottle

At WineGreeting, we have countless wine label designs to choose from. You can decorate your bride’s wine bottle with her personality! Is her favorite color red? We’ve got you covered here! Is she coveting lace in her bridal theme? Design a beautiful and memorable wine bottle complete with a lace wine label. And whether you choose to pop the champagne in the salon or save it for celebratory mimosas; the bride is going to be so surprised and overjoyed by such a touching custom gift.

Wedding Dress Wine Label

Want to celebrate in the salon? Leave your gorgeous custom wine bottle in the salon prior to the bride’s appointment. (You could arrive a few minutes early or simply hide it from her in your bag and set it all up when she is trying on dresses.) Once the bride has cried her tears of joy over finding her dress, have the stylist bring out the custom champagne to celebrate! Then you can all raise a glass to this momentous occasion! She will be overjoyed at this special touch that shows just how happy you are for her. #perfectday

Personalized Wine Labels

You don’t always know when the bride will select ‘the one’, but you can create a custom wine bottle that celebrates the couple’s love and bring that to the bridal shop to make this time together feel as special as it is. She’s getting married! It is a great way to slow things down and enjoy the moment.

Personalized Champagne

Add this to your maid of honor to-do list! Create your own unique and beautiful personalized wine bottle today. It’s the perfect way to sprinkle more magic on such an amazing day and show the bride that you know how special each step of her wedding journey is.

Custom Wine Bottle

This day definitely deserves celebrating! She’s selected her dream dress and is sharing this amazing experience with loved ones. Now it’s time to celebrate! What better way to gush with excitement than by pouring champagne from a beautiful custom wine bottle? This takes pampering the bride to the next level! It works with red or white wine also – we have her favorite!


All photos were taken at the gorgeous bridal salon, Lovely, in Los Angeles, California. Visit their site to see their beautiful gown selection!

Personalized Wine Label

Custom Bridal Champagne


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